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5 on our list of the craziest casino prop bets of all time

On our list of the strangest casino-themed prop bets and challenges, we include 48-hour lunging, bathroom living, and fearful bungee jumps.

Prop bets and games have been inextricably linked for centuries.

However, while poker and sports betting have had their share of bizarre money challenges, not nearly as many have focused on the Casino-Site (카지노사이트).

Consider the instances when a real money challenge serves as the backdrop for the casino site itself.

5. Amarillo Slim’s audacious horseback ride

AMOUNT OF BET: unknown

Slim Preston, dubbed ‘Amarillo,’ was a legendary gambler and poker player based in Las Vegas. Amarillo Slim, on the other hand, would bet on it if there was something to bet on.

Slim’s calling card has always been outrageous prop bets.

He once challenged the daredevil stunt biker of Evel Knievel to a round of golf. While that seemed reasonable, the caveat was that both players had to use hammers as golf clubs.

Slim won the wager.

His most insane wager involved the champion racehorse Seabiscuit. He was convinced that as a keen runner, he could outsprint the thoroughbred by over 100 yards.

Slim, like all good prop bettors, had an advantage – he had chosen a 50-yard racetrack outside a casino on a casino site.

Due to the track’s length, Seabiscuit and Jockey had to complete the final 50 yards by reaching the end and turning around.

Slim was well on his way to winning the race during the jockey’s reversal.

4. Skylab’s satellite wager fails to launch

LOCATED IN: Las Vegas and El Cortez
AMOUNT OF BET: $10,000

El Cortez hotel and casino in Downtown Las Vegas is one of the more quaint establishments, but legendary long-time owner Jackie Gaughan has added a lot of color over the years.

Gaughan took wagers on where the United States space station, Skylab, would crash to earth in 1979, the year it was scheduled for re-entry.

He even staked 10,000/1 that the remains of Skylab would end up in his own casino.

Gamblers – and Gaughan himself – were ultimately wrong, as the space station disintegrated and landed somewhere in Australia.

3. Jay Kwik reaps the benefits of living in the bathroom.

WHERE: Bellagio, Las Vegas
AMOUNT OF BET: $250,000

Las Vegas is renowned for having some of the most luxurious hotel rooms and amenities in the world. However, could you survive a month in a Vegas bathroom in order to win a bet?

This is exactly what Jay Kwik did when he accepted a wager to live in a bathroom at the Bellagio casino for 30 days.

Andrew Robl put up the money, but Robl paid $40,000 to get out of the $250k wager several days early, just as it appeared as though Kwik would win.

2. For a frightening prop, Jeff Gross heads to the Stratosphere.

WHERE: The Stratosphere in Las Vegas
AMOUNT OF BET: Six Figures

This is a wager made by another poker player, this time using one of Las Vegas’ legendary casinos as a reference point.

Jeff Gross, a well-known sufferer of vertigo, accepted a bet in 2013 that he would not bungee jump from the top of the 1.149-ft Stratosphere Tower.

Gross maintained his composure and prevailed in his wager.

1. Antonio Esfandiari makes a lunging attempt to disqualify himself.

WHEN: beginning in 2016
WHERE: Atlantis Resort, Bahamas
AMOUNT OF BET: $50,000

Antonio Esfandiari is widely regarded as one of the greatest poker players in American history, but he occasionally indulges in a wild prop bet.

In 2016, Esfandiari accepted a prop bet from infamous gambler and hedge fund manager Bill Perkins, which required the player to perform lunges for 48 hours straight wherever he went.

Esfandiari needed a toilet desperately after lunging his way through a Caribbean casino.

‘The Magician’ relieved himself while playing poker because he was in too much pain to move and immediately forfeited his tournament.

Despite being eliminated from the tournament, Esfandiari won the wager and donated his $50,000 winnings to charity.

“There is a limit to how far you should go, and in this case I exceeded it,” he later explained.